For many of us these days, the world seems overwhelming, and what I offer is a refuge from the world - a safe place to disconnect from the external world (and all your gadgets), and to turn inward in a fully-informed and holistic way so that you may reconnect to that peaceful, joyful state that is the essence of your being, and where you can restore balance, harmony and well-being in your body, mind and spirit.

With so much disruption in our lives, we need yoga now more than ever.

As we age, we inevitably have more grief experiences - loss of family, friends, relationships, jobs, health, finances, etc., all of which may affect our mental health making us more susceptible to depression, social isolation and anxiety. However, since March 2020, those grief experiences seem to have exploded exponentially for people of all ages and walks of life. Through a regular yoga practice we can process the grief in a holistic way to mitigate the effects, to de-stress, and build up our resiliency so that we may develop and maintain optimal wellness, something we all want and deserve.