Getting Started


Getting started in yoga is different for everyone and I encourage you to start right where you are now. I recommend checking out the Class Descriptions in the Schedule section and join in the class that works best for your current needs.

Yoga is both a physical (body) and personal (mind and spirit) journey. We are all unique beings, and yoga is about observing and becoming more aware and mindful, so right from the beginning, listen as much as possible to your body and focus on how the body feels, the sensations in the body.

Every time you step on the mat you bring a different body, so approach each session with awareness, curiosity, nonjudgmental-ness and joy! It is a moment-by-moment, pose-by-pose practice, so tuning in to the body and its sensations in each pose will teach you where your limitations may be or where your “edge” is at that moment, in that pose.  Keep a light-hearted attitude, taking your practice seriously, but not yourself!

Follow the instructions, but don’t get overwhelmed by them – absorb what you can and rest when needed.

The benefits of incorporating a yoga practice into your life are countless, but it is easy to injure yourself if you are not paying attention and listening to your body. This is one of the reasons why it is so important to be taught by an experienced teacher, whether or not I am that teacher! An experienced teacher understands the risks, the benefits, and the biomechanics of the poses, and will want to introduce you to the practice in a way that is safe and suits your individual needs.

Good for you for being interested in trying yoga! Please let me know if you have any further questions on how to get started. I hope to see you soon!