My Bio

I have been a dedicated yoga practitioner and ever-evolving student of yoga since 1997. I began teaching in 2002 and have been a Yoga Alliance registered teacher since 2003 (with over 8,800 hours of teaching experience). I left my corporate career of over 25 years in 2007 to focus on teaching yoga.


I teach from a holistic, wellness-oriented perspective, so that my students learn how to live better in their body and how to enhance their general wellness so that they can maintain or move towards their optimal health and wellbeing. I integrate my experience with various forms of yoga I’ve studied and practiced over the years, including Hatha Yoga, Ashtanga, Iyengar and Vinyasa Flow, and I emphasize moving mindfully with the breath, as well as proper alignment in the poses.

My classes have fluid, well-informed sequencing with an emphasis on moving in unison with the breath. My instruction is clear and concise, and designed to get students in and out of poses safely and in a way that honors each student’s ability. I am adept at modifying poses for those with injuries and/or physical limitations, guiding each student to find his or her full expression of each pose. While no two classes are the same, there is a comforting and familiar rhythm and flow to them. Those who come to my classes inspire what I will teach in that class. Breath work is a major focus of my classes and I encourage my students to use the breath to quiet and focus the mind, to connect with the sensations in their body, to connect the movement to the breath, and to use the breath to maintain a steady flow of energy throughout the practice.

In September 2021, I received a Yoga Wellness Educator Certificate of Completion for my recent year long teacher training program.