Why Yoga?


The beauty of yoga is that a well-crafted practice addresses the whole self – the physical body, the energetic body, and the emotional, mental and spiritual states of our being. If, in a single practice, we can shift from a stressed out, sympathetic state (fight, flight, freeze or fawning mode) to a more relaxed, parasympathetic state (rest and digest mode), just think what a sustained practice can do for you!

Every time you practice yoga you are healing yourself. You become more calm, tolerant, centered, discerning, patient, compassionate, kind and generous – all desirable (and much needed!) qualities for living in today’s world. And this leads to a shift in how you interact with others - family, friends, co-workers, neighbors and strangers.

You’ve probably heard the phrase “be the change you want to see in the world” attributed to Mahatma Ghandi, right? Well, when you take that peacefulness you are cultivating on your mat out into the world, into the daily rhythm and flow of your life, and allow it to infuse and inform every aspect of your life and every act and interaction with others, the world begins to transform around you. That is how powerful you are! And, as you’ve probably heard many times, this is how we begin to create peace in our world – by being peace in the world.

My goal is to teach in a way that motivates and inspires you to connect with and live up to your highest potential, to take what you learn about yourself on the mat, off the mat into your daily life, making your yoga practice a part of everything you do and are. I hope to inspire you to find more and more peace within yourself and to think about how your practice helps you become the best version of yourself. And yes, you might get a nice yoga butt too!

At the beginning of class, I often tell my students that they have already done the hardest part of their practice – they have shown up! It takes discipline and commitment to show up on your mat. Practicing in community adds a powerful dimension to your practice as we move and breathe together (even on Zoom!).

During this past year of practicing yoga on Zoom, I’ve noticed an interesting aspect to it. The struggling and striving and competitive nature that sometimes arises in yoga classes seems to have disappeared. No one is looking around comparing themselves to others. Students are listening to what their bodies are telling them and are honoring that wisdom. As we return to in-person classes once again, I encourage you to keep a neutral, nonjudgmental mindset and continue to pay attention to your best teacher – your own body!

So if you are looking for down-to-earth, classical yoga classes designed for your greater health and wellness, I invite you to join me either in person or on Zoom, as we grow our Long Beach yoga community, and form meaningful friendships and connections with each other.

Welcome and Namaste!