Advanced Yoga Basics


Advanced Yoga Basics is designed to be a stronger, yet still basic, level class where the poses are more challenging, incorporate longer holds, and more vinyasa flow (continuous movement from one pose or sequence to the next). In these classes you will be encouraged to explore the more subtle actions of each pose, as well as learn to refine your breath, focus and postures.

You will be encouraged to develop greater interoception (an inward facing awareness of the relationship between your body and your mind), by learning to listen closely to your body and the sensations in it, as well as to observe the ebb and flow of your energy, emotions, and mental state of mind, free of any expectations, judgment or criticism.

As I guide you through the practice, you may also receive gentle verbal recommendations from me from time to time, with the intent of enhancing your awareness and experience. Prior yoga experience is helpful.

This class will be offered as a Hybrid class, so if you can’t make it in person at Bay Shore Community Center, Belmont Shore, CA, you can still join in the live class via Zoom (a link will be sent to you for your use).