Changed my life

Attending yoga classes led by Sally Burns has simply changed my life, and I do not say that lightly. What Sally’s classes have provided for me is a healthy and safe way to exercise. Because of Sally, I have increased my strength, my balance, my flexibility, and my overall sense of well-being.

I have been going to Sally’s classes for about six years, starting at the gentle level and progressing to her basic level classes after six months. I find each class a special and intriguing adventure into the world of physical and spiritual wellness. Sally always manages to challenge us with unique poses and interesting combinations.

My individual progress has astonished me at times. When I started, I was unable to touch my toes, but now I can touch my toes easily and with my legs straight. Although I still find plank and chaturanga poses to be challenging, I am able to do both poses quite readily and still breathe. LOL!! Balance poses have also become much more accessible through my years of practice. Sally’s encouraging teaching style has provided me with all of these skills and many more.

I have taken yoga classes with several other instructors, and I find that Sally’s overall instructional style, clear articulation, and precise directions make her a superior teacher. One of her many strengths is her ability to assess us and push us just a bit further than any of us thought possible. Sally’s primary concern is to be sure that we are all safe, so she is often circulating the class making adjustments and suggesting props to assist our proper alignment.

By the end of each class, I find that I am more centered and more peaceful because of the combination of strenuous exercise and calming meditation. That is the magic that is Sally Burns.

Carol M
A challenging teacher

Sally has a style of teaching that challenges me – each class – it’s always different. She keeps it fresh and interesting. I’ve gained better body awareness and developed a practice plan that I can use every day. She’s a wonderful and patient teacher.

This is my 3rd year of practice with Sally … I am constantly amazed at the variety of poses and flows she knows … and her ability to focus those moved into a complete workout routine.

Jeff B
Sally Burns is an extraordinary yoga teacher.

With her wonderful warmth, her sweet welcoming nature and great generosity of spirit, she makes yoga accessible for all levels of ability, whether you are new to yoga or an advanced practitioner. But best of all she shares her sheer joy of yoga with all who enter her class.

Along with her focus on building strength, flexibility and balance Sally also helps her students build within themselves greater reserves of tender patience, mindfulness and compassion. Yoga with Sally Burns is yoga that is truly transformative in body and spirit.

Diane E
Very student oriented class

As a teacher, with so much experience, Sally is able to tailor poses to individual abilities and also urges you to stretch yourself a bit more each class.

Anita H
Gentle reminders and encouragement

Sally instructs, adjusts, and inspires us to improve our practice and focus. Her gentle and firm reminders and encouragement lead to more calm, more strength, more flexibility and ultimately a better yoga experience. There is a wonderful community of people that look forward to our practice with Sally and I consider myself most fortunate that I stumbled into her class and found the joy in her yoga teaching.

Rhonda B