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Welcome to Sally Burns Yoga Classes


For many of us these days, the world seems overwhelming, and what I offer is a refuge from the world - a safe place to disconnect from the external world (and all your gadgets), and to turn inward in a fully-informed and holistic way so that you may reconnect to that peaceful, joyful state that is the essence of your being, and where you can restore balance, harmony and well-being in your body, mind and spirit.

Why Yoga?

The beauty of yoga is that a well-crafted practice addresses the whole self – the physical body, the energetic body, and the emotional, mental and spiritual states of our being.

Getting Started

Getting started in yoga is different for everyone and I encourage you to start right where you are now. I recommend checking out the Class Descriptions in the Schedule section and join in the class that works best for your current needs.

Practice Guidelines For Zoom

The following guidelines have been developed to ensure that you have a positive and peaceful experience. If you are new to Zoom, please know that it is easy to use once you’ve tried it a time or two.


Yoga Basics

Yoga Basics is designed to focus on the fundamental yoga postures and regulation of the breath.
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Advanced Yoga Basics

Advanced Yoga Basics is designed to be a stronger, yet still basic, level class where the poses are more challenging, incorporate longer holds, and more vinyasa flow.
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Yoga for Healthy Aging

As we age, the many years of use, misuse and abuse of our bodies begins to take its toll, creating imbalances, injuries and limitations in the body.
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Adaptive Yoga

Adaptive Yoga is designed for students living with chronic illness, physical conditions or mobility issues.
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Gentle Yoga

If you are new to yoga, are deconditioned, recovering from an injury, or just looking for a more gentle form of yoga, Gentle Yoga is the class for you.
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Private Sessions

Private yoga sessions (from 60 to 90 minutes) are customized to suit the recipient’s needs and goals.
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Class Schedule


Yoga Basics (Hybrid – in person & Zoom)
9:00am -10:00am
Yoga for Healthy Aging (at Seal Beach Leisure World CH6)
8:30am –9:45am
Yoga Basics (Hybrid – in person & Zoom)
8:00am - 9:15am
Advanced Yoga Basics (Hybrid – in person & Zoom)

Want to Know More About Classes and Pricing

Build body awareness, strength and flexibility


Sally Burns is an extraordinary yoga teacher.

Sally instructs, adjusts, and inspires us to improve our practice and focus. Her gentle and firm reminders and encouragement lead to more calm, more strength, more flexibility and ultimately a better yoga experience. There is a wonderful community of people that look forward to our practice with Sally and I consider myself most fortunate that I stumbled into her class and found the joy in her yoga teaching.

Rhonda B.
Very student oriented class

As a teacher, with so much experience, Sally is able to tailor poses to individual abilities and also urges you to stretch yourself a bit more each class.

Anita H.